Customized Dental Software Solutions

0Build a custom software solution that 00integrates to the systems dentists use

0Custom branded solution

0Increase the value of your dental product 00by owning the intellectual property of your 00software

0Integrate with existing practice 00management systems for ease of use

Pre-Built Modules Include:

Patient Rewards Platform

Patient Portal

Patient Data Cleaner

Electronic Health History Forms

Online Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Reminders

Patient Feedback & Reviews

Patient Reminders

Patient Cost Estimator

Doctor to Doctor Referrals

Dentrix Referral Button

Online Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Secure Messaging with Other Doctors and Patients

Online Treatment Planning

Insurance Verification

Patient Payments

Patient Recall

Sample customers

RecordLinc is an innovative company providing software that works alongside dental practice management software, to automate

many other practice management activities, making them more efficient and positively impacting the bottom line.

7 Offices

5 Offices

Integration Include

Integrate with multiple practice management systems to give you visibility across all of your offices

All products are compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) security standards.


"We do things very differently so the last year or two we've been thinking about doing

some custom dental software and we have been looking all over the United States to find the right solution, people who can not only write good software but someone who can integrate with our dental management systems. We look everywhere and we finally met Travis and his team at RecordLinc, and I've been incredibly impressed with not only their depth of knowledge but the fact that they can talk with me at my level of knowledge of computers and they can talk internally at much much deeper level. They understand how important these custom requests are and they understand timing. They are very fair when it comes to pricing, so I couldn't be happier with working with them."

Dr. Kami Hoss (The Super Dentists - 5 Offices - 100k patients)

"We have been working with Travis and the RecordLinc team since 2016. They are a true partner. They built our integrations to OpenDental and Eaglesoft and consulted with us on our practice growth product. They are experts and taking requirements and quickly and effectively implementing solutions to make dental practices more efficient and effective. We utilized their DrDDS marketing to grow our study clubs as well. We highly suggest Travis Rodgers and the RecordLinc and DrDDS teams he runs."

Dr. Mitchell Ellingson - VP of Practice Growth

“Travis Rodgers is probably the #1

entrepreneur in the dental industry”,

Dr. Howard Farran.

Travis Rodgers - CEO of RecordLinc

Why RecordLinc?

Unlike other products on the market,

you own your software once it’s developed

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